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Kourtney Sellers’ love for photography started at an early age when, unbeknownst to her parents, she subscribed to several fashion magazines. Years later, while studying at the University of Iowa, she took a photography class and decided to become a photographer.

After graduating from college, Kourtney worked as an art buyer at an ad agency on award-winning campaigns. Working on the production side of the business for ten years, she learned the art of producing outstanding images no matter the circumstances.

In 2012, Kourtney started photographing her beloved nieces. Their effortless beauty and passion for surprise left Kourtney wondering how she could capture them on film next. To answer the call of her imagination, she left her career in production to seek out creating her own body of work that would capture the beauty she sees in the everyday pops of fashion, fantasy and whimsy.

When Kourtney is not taking photographs she is redesigning her home on Signal Hill, volunteering, catching up with friends and family, including her daughter, Keira.

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