Clayton Hauck

Photographer + Director

Kraft Inside Out Cheeseburger

Keystone – Dressed to the Stones

Keystone – Stone Spirit

Rotel BBQ

Rotel Family

Rotel Friends


Clayton Hauck is a roller coaster enthusiast, world traveler and karaoke superstar. With a background in film production and editing, Clayton has always been driven to create interesting and compelling stories with the help of his camera.

His subject matter is wide-ranging. He’s passionate about food photography, covers rock concerts, makes portraits and shoots corporate lifestyle; all in a style that is uniquely his own. He has developed his own brand of reportage; best described as “in-the-moment-realness”. Through photographing everything, he’s come to know a wide range of people and seem to bumps into someone he knows everywhere he goes.

He’s based in his hometown of Chicago, which inspires him daily.

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